Tampa Bay Local Section

2018 Executive Officers

Current Chair:

Mr.  Gary Laco


Past Chair:

Mrs. Crystal Saut


Secretary: (interim) 

Prof. Susan Del Valle 



Mr. Russell K. Odland, M.S.



Prof. Susan Del Valle 



Prof. Marie Bourgeois


Alternate Councilor:

Dr. Sid White


Alternate Councilor:

Dr. Fred Metz


Education Chair/ NCW Coordinator

Prof. Susan Del Valle 



Senior Chemists Committee:

Co-Chairs: Mr. Russ Odland and Dr. Fred Metz


Young Chemists Committee Chair:

Ms. Deja Patrick


Newsletter Editor/Earth Week Coordinator:

Dr. Laura Henchey


Social Media Specialist:

Ms. Alexandra Sullivan


ACS Members can use the 'Administration' thumbnail to access officer's email addresses.