Tampa Bay Local Section


The Tampa Bay Section of the American Chemical Society (section # 406) was established in 1994. We promote public awareness of chemistry by being involved in outreach programs in our community and work with students to encourage an interest in the chemical science arena.

Our membership is encompasses the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Manatee and Sarasota counties with 700+ members.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is one of the largest professional organizations that represent the chemical industry. The ACS supports 160,000+ members globally, publishing its weekly C&EN magazine and up-to-date scientific journals. 

Upcoming Events/Announcements:

Be sure to refer to our newsletter or write to us for more information on the following upcoming events.


 1. You may recall that our Younger Chemists Committee (35 and under), won a grant to 'bridge the gap' between industry and academia last year.

As a result of the grant, the YCC and the Student Members of the ACS at the University of Tampa are co-hosting an industry networking event at the University of Tampa on the evening of Tuesday, March 26. If you would like to represent your organization at the event, please contact tampabay.acs@gmail.com for more information.
Spots are limited, so please respond as soon as possible!
We hope you'll join us!

2. Congratulations to Tampa Bay's Senior Chemists Chair, Russ Odland for being awarded the senior chemists grant for $300! 

Way to go Section members!! Let's keep up the great work for the Tampa Bay region!!


Upcoming Events

1. The Tampa Bay Section looks forward to hosting the US National Chemistry Olympiad January-April 2019. Contact us if you or any of your students are interested in participating. 

2. The Orlando Section is busily preparing for the upcoming National Meeting. They would like to highlight Florida chemistry by sharing vignettes of local professionals, companies and research.

See below for instructions on how to participate in this free promotional opportunity for you and your research.   

send a short narrative that will be used for vignettes about the exciting work you do and to show conference attendees the outcomes chemistry delivers.

 a) Professionals: 

    • Provide your name with a job title, and specialty as applicable. You can identify your alma mater.  
    • Provide an example of the type of problems you are working to resolve or the type of solutions you deliver.
    • Tell us what makes you excited about going to work and working in Florida.
    • Obtain permission to name your employer to identify them and optimally allow us to hang your company logo.  We can use your vignette even if your employer wishes not to be identified. 

b)   Local companies: 

    • Tell us who you are and what you do. 
    • Tells us about your product that chemists in your service make possible. What do chemists do for you? 
    • What problem you would like chemists to resolve to make your life, business, profitability better?
    • Why are you established in the region?

c) Retirees with a career in the area:

  • Same input as for professionals above with emphasis on why chemists should consider practicing in our state.

d) Leaders and researchers attending the meeting:

  • Let us know if you are interested to be at the exposition hall booth to meet colleagues and students interested in your work. The Orlando Section will post a “Meet and Greet” schedule listing the day and time when you would be at the booth to discuss your work and answer questions. We will require a little lead time on your schedule to enable us to post a schedule at the booth.

e) Local host booth: Let us know if you are interested in staffing the local host booth to answer questions on where to eat or shop in the area, or to find specific landmarks.  


Deadlines: Respond in the survey link here promoting your work & volunteers ACS Conference 2019 Orlando  to let us know by November 17 if you can help us with a vignette or would like discuss your work at our booth during the national meeting. We would appreciate receiving the information for a vignette by December 1.


Thank you for making Florida a great place to do chemistry. 





Save the Date - 5th Annual Oktoberfest Social
Save the Date - 5th Annual Oktoberfest Social
Save the Date - 5th Annual Oktoberfest Social
Save the Date - 5th Annual Oktoberfest Social